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July 12, 2021

Meet the Carambas: A home ownership success story

“Another thing we really enjoyed about the process is that Eco-Smart let us do the variations to the furnishings that we wanted to do and personalise the plans to suit us.”

Gary Carambas

Almost a year to the day since this young Auckland couple first contacted Eco-Smart, they opened the door to the new home, and walked into home ownership. In the year since they signed the contract for a house and land package, the Carambas have made significant gains in equity, without even living in the property.

On the 2nd of June 2021, Gary and Radiance took possession of their new three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. It was a moment of pride, not only for them but for their wider families. “It’s something we never thought we would be able to do in Auckland, buy a house.”

They first came across Eco-Smart in May 2020 and got in contact. From there, things moved quickly. Eco-Smart helped the couple secure their finance, and worked closely with the couple to personalise their new 90m2 home before construction started.

“Eco-Smart made us the house we had always envisioned. We’re really thankful and so happy,” Gary says.
“On the first visit with Eco-Smart we signed a contract, right away! This area is a great place, there’s a lot of new development here and I think it’s just perfect for us, and for where we work. The budget and the location, it just suits what we wanted for our lifestyle.
“We always say every day when we sit on our couch that we have no regrets. It’s exactly what we envisioned. We love that there was a lawn and planting included in the package so we didn’t have to spend any extra. When you drive down and see the house, we just look at it and think ‘that’s our home,’” Radiance explains.

Chatting to us, Gary and Radiance are sitting around a striking black island benchtop that shimmers under the light of a bespoke lighting feature overhead. “This benchtop, and the lights, are one of our favourite things in the house. It just glows when you look at it. We wanted to maximise the space so this benchtop doubles as a kitchen table, rather than having a sink in the kitchen island. It gives us more space.’

“As a young family we are very proud of ourselves to be able to give our kids their own home. They are so happy they get their own space. It’s just a really proud moment for us. We would think that buying a home in Auckland would be very tough and very impossible but we’ve done it, we were able to pull it off,” Radiance says.

The house includes a front lawn facing the street, inviting connection with the neighbours and streetscape while at the rear, a private lawn and deck allow for indoor outdoor flow and a private sanctuary to enjoy. “It’s so nice, and safe, you just feel good to have such a secure home. It feels private, and the street is a dead end so it’s great for the kids.”

There are already plans afoot to add value, centred around the rear courtyard; once they’ve settled in, the idea is to create a covered space for alfresco dining. “We have always been renting so we could never personalise our space, so to be able to do that now is just so nice for us,” Radiance explains.

“When you wake up, the sun comes into my son’s bedroom, and in the afternoon it comes into the master bedroom and lounge. We are just so, so grateful for everything and that we have been able to do this thanks to Eco-Smart.”

The details:

Package: Fixed price, house and land package
Location: Takanini, Auckland
Size: 90m2; internal garage and decking
Specs: Three bedroom, two bathroom (incl ensuite)
Style: Contemporary, standalone brick home; fully fenced, rear deck

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