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August 9, 2021

Introducing ECO-Smart Homes as founding sponsor of the Safer Cycling Foundation NZ

Between us we cycle between 4,000 and 16,000 kms a year. Within one week, myself and 3 friends were knocked off our bikes and seriously hurt. I was about to sell my bikes and give up on the sport but I decided to try and do something to help make cycling safer in New Zealand.

Ritesh Mani | CEO ECO-Smart Homes

The Safer Cycling Foundation is a non-profit group dedicated to improving the safety of New Zealand’s roads for cyclists. By promoting education and awareness, we want to help move our country in a direction where cyclists and motorists can share the roads without cyclists needing to face undue risks.

Ritesh Mani, CEO of ECO-Smart Homes and keen, amateur cyclist has become the founding sponsor of the the Safer Cycling Foundation to support its ambitions to support safer cycling in our cities.

We believe in clean, green, safer cities and the Safer Cycling Foundation is undertaking incredible work to lobby for better outcomes for cyclists and motorists alike. We're delighted to lend our support at ECO-Smart Homes and connect them with our community and to co-host events throughout the year.

Ritesh Mani | CEO ECO-Smart Homes

Earlier this month, ECO-Smart homes sponsored a screening of the film "One Day Ahead" in support of the Safer Cycling Foundation. The film inspired all who saw it. It depicts what is possible with dedication, passion and when people come together for a common purpose.

ONE DAY AHEAD is the story of eight New Zealand amateur cyclists attempting to complete the 2018 Tour de France race a day ahead of the professional race.

ONE DAY AHEAD provides the inside story of eight ordinary kiwi blokes, who didn’t know each other prior to the undertaking of the 2018 Tour de France, united by the joy of riding bikes.

The film itself is a microcosm of life compressed into 21 stages of the tour itself with the highs and lows of human emotions, as eight individuals bond to become a team of one to finish one of the world’s toughest and arguably most famous cycle races.

While One Day Ahead is about cycling, the documentary is a story of personal journeys to achieve an ambitious goal. It depicts with dedicated focus, sacrifice and the support of others that your goals are achievable – which is a message we wanted the viewers to take home.

This film was generously sponsored with the kind support of ECO-Smart Homes and it's CEO Ritesh Mani, founding sponsor of the Safer Cycling Foundation. All the money raised will be used to help sustain the future of the Safer Cycling Foundation.

The film also included a Q&A session including cast members Paul Arnesen, Bruce Thompson, Aaron Hill and Jonathan Douglas and representatives from Evo Cycles. For those that missed the film, here's the trailer and rest assured we'll be screening the film again later in the year. Watch this space!

About the Foundation

The Safer Cycling Foundation was formed in 2018 with the aim of working towards a better and safer cycling environment in New Zealand.

We’re a community of experienced cyclists who have seen what it’s like out there on our roads, and we think we could all do better. Safer roads will not come about through cyclists and motorists fighting a war of attrition until only one group is allowed to rule the tarmac; the fact is, both are here to stay, so we both need to better understand one another and work together to make the roads safer for the more vulnerable cyclists.

That vulnerability is easy to see from the inside of a vehicle driving on the road, but also in the crash statistics. The Ministry of Transport reported that there were 5 fatal crashes, 179 serious injury crashes, and 595 minor injury crashes involving cyclists in 2018. In these crashes, the harms were borne mostly by the cyclists; 5 died, 178 were seriously injured, and 606 suffered minor injuries.

We’re cyclists, but we’re also motorists, so we know what it’s like to see cyclists from behind the wheel too. That’s why we believe the key to improving safety for cyclists will ultimately result from cyclists and motorists each doing their part: cyclists respecting road rules, making sure they’re wearing visible clothing and riding safe; and motorists driving respectfully, being aware of their less vulnerable position on the roads and looking out for their fellow kiwi’s safety.

Join the Safer Cycling Foundation

If you want to help make our country’s roads safer for cyclists, join us on Facebook today

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