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August 3, 2021

ECO-Smart Homes just got smarter through partnership with Tether

"We have health and fitness trackers to help us improve our mental and physical well-being. Why shouldn’t we have health and fitness trackers for our homes to help us improve environmental quality, energy efficiency and our impact on the planet?"

Ritesh Mani | CEO ECO-Smart Homes

Your home is the building in which you spend the most time. It lives and breathes just like you do. Tether is a health and performance monitoring platform that helps us understand how healthy it is.  

ECO-Smart Homes is implementing a pilot program with Tether to install their home monitoring solution tested in 3 of our new build homes. Over the next few months, Tether will install their EnviroQ, ThermalQ and HotDrop monitoring devices to establish a baseline of how energy efficient our homes are.

ECO-Smart Homes is the first and only residential house builder to partner with Tether and our pilot program will begin with our newest development in Helensville.

Our focus has always been to create homes that will perform well over time, reducing energy consumption and creating comfortable, healthy spaces now and for the future. Our partnership with Tether will provide insight and data to show well our homes perform relative to other New Zealand homes.

Ritesh Mani | CEO ECO-Smart Homes


The EnviroQ is the perfect device to monitor and measure Indoor Environmental Quality.

Measure Relative Humidity
Measure Carbon Dioxide
Measure Pressure
Measure Ambient Noise
Measure Ambient Light
3 Years Battery life or Mains Power


Monitor and measure Temperature, Relative Humidity and Dew Point temperature.

Measure Relative Humidity
Measure Dew Point
3 Years Battery life or Mains Power


Monitor and measure real-time energy consumption on any circuit within seconds.

Real-time energy monitoring
LoRaWAN and LoRA Lite enabled
Clean installation. No wires, No batteries
Installs in less than 20 seconds
Solar & battery inverter integration
Encrypted private network
Healthy Homes = Healthy People
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